Music Gear Wishlist

Behringer DEQ2496


I will probably never have the optimal listening room I keep dreaming about, and prerecorded audio will always have problems. This processor does room correction and can fix a number of other audio problems. It will replace my dusty old Radio Shack GEQ. If I can’t buy new studio monitors for a while, this should help my old ones sound better.

Dynaudio Professional BM5 mkIII

My old Tascam VL-X5 monitors are due for an upgrade. They don’t sound very transparent, they have developed issues with mains hum, and the rear inputs are worn out. Other contenders for new monitors were Adam A7X and Yamaha HS7. In tests from Sonic Sense, the HS7 had too much mid-tone and the A7X had too much bass. Of them, I preferred the A7X, which otherwise sounded balanced, however, the BM5 sounded more balanced than both of them.

M-Audio Keystation 88 II

My old E-mu Xboard 49 is showing severe signs of wear, lacks weighted keys, and isn’t wide enough for full-range piano playing.


The plastic on my old Stratocaster is disintegrating. The middle pickup has fallen off and the nut is coming apart. I got it as a gift some 10-15 years ago, and I want variety. I currently own an Epiphone SG that works great for jazz, but I need something crisp and punchy for funk.

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