Moderately correct

We all know that anti-immigration people are bigoted and intolerant, right? I’m here to give a shocking revelation…

Being politically correct is just as bigoted and intolerant as being anti-immigration.

Why? Because instead of having the whole country as your in-group, your in-group is other politically correct people. You see yourself as morally superior, yet openly mock and criticize everyone who doesn’t share your opinion. You are demonstrating the very same bigotry and intolerance that you criticize the anti-immigration people for. At least they are consistent, and don’t believe that they’re holier-than-thou…

…and why accuse everyone of racism? Racism is defined as “the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.” Think Adolf Hitler or slavery. If you believe that the anti-immigration people are in it for the racism, you have badly misunderstood their position.


This whole political conflict is class warfare in disguise. Uneducated westerners compete against uneducated immigrants for the same blue-collar jobs, so they’re naturally against immigration, because it’s hurting them directly. The uneducated don’t benefit as much from progress either due to low income, so they also tend to be conservative, because less change means fewer costly adjustments. Their position is very natural, given such circumstances.


On the other hand, highly educated white-collar workers notice only minor job competition from immigrants (because very few of them are educated), and they benefit from progress almost immediately due to high income. The competition they do get is from a small group of highly educated immigrants, who integrate into society far better than their blue-collar counterparts, and are thus easy to tolerate. Naturally, the white-collar workers are going to be pro-immigration and progressive.

Before we can have a proper immigration debate, we must acknowledge that two different realities exist. The anti-immigration group has acknowledged it, which is why they believe that mainstream politicians  are out of touch with reality. There is a working class out there, and it’s definitely being neglected.

Mainstream politicians have painted themselves into a corner. If they begin to acknowledge this other reality, the politically correct group will abandon them. If they continue to ignore it, the anti-immigration group will continue to abandon them.

What this world sorely needs is more nuance. Sadly, the ability to unify opposing positions into a whole seems to be a rare ability. The left may hate the right, the right may hate the left, but everyone hates a moderate.

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